A Christmas gift from Dainese!

Thursday, December 20 2012

If you’ve always wanted a sneak peek into the world of Dainese, then you’ll definitely enjoy ‘Dainese 40′- a completely free app for iPhones and iPads which gives fans an insight into the archives of the famous motorcycle protection manufacturer.

Dainese’s headquarters, in Vincenza, is normally closely guarded, but thanks to the app, viewers will be able to browse through forty years of history, with leather on display from the very first back protector right up to the brand new D-air Racing airbag suit. There’s even the opportunity to look at leathers worn by motorcycling greats, including Agostini, Sheene, Rossi and many more.

If you have an iPad, then head to the iTunes store now to download it free, the iPhone app will be available very soon!