Steve Parrish

Bike Insurer stunt rider in world record attempt with Travis Pastrana!

Thursday, February 28 2013

Tonight, The Bike Insurer’s very own stunt man extraordinaire, ‘Big John’, is all set to take part in a motorcycling world record attempt at London’s O2 Arena. Not content with a something simple, in order to achieve the record, John and his fellow bikers will have to complete a back flip mid-air on their bikes – and be the largest amount of riders to simultaneously be in the air at once! The attempt will be recorded and streamed live to hundreds of cinemas, worldwide, to appreciative biking audiences.

This attempt really is no mean feat, and if successful, John and his fellow-riders will be well-deserving world record holders!

Big John’s record attempt is taking place just ahead of Travis Pastrana’s Nitro Circus 3D Live – the world’s biggest action sports production ever seen under one roof! The show comprises two and a half hours of fully choreographed stunts from the best freestyle motocross, BMX and skateboard action, all centred around a fifty-foot high Nitro Gigant- A- Ramp and a multi-million dollar set. One of the show’s main attractions is its ten-rider Nitro backflip combo train, which really has to be seen to be believed!

So, if you’re a stunt-riding fan (and even if you’re not!) you won’t want to miss out on Big John’s world record attempt tonight at London’s O2 Arena! Good luck, John!