Suzuki Bike Insurance

Suzuki Insurance

Suzuki Motorbike Insurance is provided by CIA Insurance Services and offers schemes specifically for Suzuki riders.

Suzuki Motorbike Insurance offers a number of options that you can add on to your insurance policy including breakdown cover, helmet and leathers cover and track day insurance.  They also know that sometimes you can’t resist making some mods to your pride and joy, with some Suzuki Motorbike Insurance policies you can add certain minor modifications to your bike at no extra insurance cost, things like custom paint schemes and road legal exhausts – but always make sure you check the exact details of your policy first.

As a specialist Suzuki insurance provider, Suzuki Motorbike Insurance has been on the Bike Insurer panel since 2008 and is one of our top 34 UK brokers. That’s why when you ask us to do an insurance quote comparison, you can be certain that you’re going to receive quotes from the best! We also guarantee to find your cheapest insurance quote so there’s no need to look anywhere else but

So, for a great rate on your motorbike insurance, why not compare quotes at and see if Suzuki Insurance is right for you.

Broker Details

Suzuki 0844 409 7890