Multi Bike Insurance

The Bike Insurer can compare quotes to find insurance for not just one, but all of your motorbikes- at the same time! Multi-Bike insurance policies are designed to provide insurance cover for owners of more than one motorbike under just one policy, making insuring multiple machines less hassle. Getting a multi bike insurance quote is as quick and simple as getting an insurance quote for an individual bike, it’s just one set of forms to fill out and you’ll get one set of papers for all of your motorbikes. Having your motorbike insurance policies combined in this way is not only useful when it comes to cutting out reams of forms and hassle, but it could also mean you get a great price or deal on your combined insurance quote.

Compare motorbike insurance

With so many insurance providers, levels of insurance cover (third party, third party fire and theft, fully comprehensive), types of poilcy (long or short term, multi bike) and factors which can bump up the price of your insurance (age, experience, past convictions, bike securinty and mileage) finding a cheap quote can be a nightmare. That’s why it’s a great idea to compare motorbike insurance quotes with The Bike Insurer in order to ensure you’ve found the cheapest and most suitable multi- bike policy available.

So if you own multiple bikes, a multi bike insurance policy is definitely best for you. This type of insurance cover will ensure that all of your machines are fully insured at any given point, so you can jump on whichever bike takes your fancy and you’re away! We think this sounds perfect; after all, some days call for sportsbike speed whilst others call for a laidback tourer ride-out. If you’ve got the bikes, we’ll find you the insurance.