Compulsory ABS from 2016?

Thursday, November 22 2012

In a move that’s likely to be highly unpopular with a lot of prospective bike riders, the EU has just voted in favour of compulsory ABS by 2016 on all bikes over 125cc. The vote came through as a landslide victory but it isn’t all over yet because the decision still has to be passed on to the Council of Ministers, so there is still a chance the proposal won’t go ahead in the UK.

If the EU had had their way completely, they woud have asked for ABS on all bikes, but they went back on that when they were informed by the bike industry of the cost of ABS when it’s fitted to a low capacity bike. So far, ABS costs between £300-500 to fit onto a 125cc bike, so if the law is passed here, it would significantly raise the cost for those hoping to buy their first bike.