Don’t try this at home!

Thursday, February 7 2013

At one time or another,when you’ve been cruising along, you’ve probably been tempted to pick up a bit of speed and do a wheelie on your motorbike. Most of you however realise how dangerous the consequences of actually putting it into practise could be and you wouldn’t dream (hopefully!) of doing it on a public highway. Well it turns out one French rider wasn’t remotely interested in the danger when he decided to do just that. The only problem was, he was riding along a particularly bumpy 90 kph stretch and the wheelie he pulled clocked a crazy 238kph!

In an amusing twist, this dangerous fool didn’t realise that the road he was sailing down was being monitored by speed cameras, nor did he appear to remember that he’d lost his license for being caught for speeding in the past. Needless to say, his bike was taken from him and he now faces a prison sentence. Clever.