French policemen taping up speed cameras

Monday, November 19 2012

A number of French policemen have decided to take speed enforcement into their own hands, by taping up a number of cameras on the country’s roads. According to these members of the police force, the road safety policy in France has become far too focussed on the amount of revenue collected from speed cameras, instead of using them as a tool to improve road safety in the country.

The police in question are said to be tired of working on quotas when it comes to speeding fines, adding that such an approach takes away from their duties as enforcers of the law. When it comes to statistics, road deaths in France have fallen by 9% during the first ten months of 2012 when compared with 2011 figures, but according to the police, this has nothing to do with the rise in speed cameras, which are often placed on high speed-limit roads in areas with relatively low populations.