Derbi Insurance

Derbi bikes have come a long way since they first set out as a small Spanish company gaining credibility and experience along the way.

Founded in 1922 by Simon Rabasa Singla, Derbi started life as a bicycle repair and hire shop in Barcelona and remained so until 1944 when Singla moved into manufacturing bicycles.

In 1946, building on his bicycle business success, Singla began working on his first motorised two-wheel vehicle – the 48cc SRS. This moped-style machine, with its plunger rear suspension, motorcycle style petrol tank and exhaust system, proved so successful that it changed the focus of the company forever.

Derbi began mass-producing mopeds in 1949, quickly moving on to produce the 250cc Derbi 250 within the next 10 years. As the Derbi range expanded, its reputation grew, helped by models such as the 125 Super in 1963, which was a robust, low cost everyday bike.

Today, Derbi offers an impressive range of scooters, performance bikes and off-road machines. They recently launched the GP1 which offers scooter enthusiasts aesthetic refinement and performance, similar to that of higher cylinder capacity sport bikes. Compare insurance quotes with The Bike Insurer to find a great insurance deal whatever your Derbi model, including:


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