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Harley-Davidson Insurance

Harley Davidson motorcycles have become a distinctive cult classic. The company began production of their iconic bikes over a century ago, here’s how they started out …

Harley-Davidson is an American motorbike manufacturer, founded in Milwaukee in 1901 by designer, Bill Harley and pattern maker, Arthur Davidson. Over the next two years, with borrowed equipment and the help of family and friends, the two childhood-friends worked on a project to produce a small clip-on bicycle engine.

However, once complete, the boys found their power-bicycle couldn’t manage Milwaukee’s modest hills without pedal assistance and so the project was dropped!

Undeterred, and learning from their past mistakes, they immediately began work on a new and improved second-generation machine, which with its bigger engine and loop-frame design moved out of the motorised-bicycle category – and the first real Harley Davidson motorcycle was born. In 1904, the company produced eight machines and in 1906, fifty. Within ten years, Harley-Davidson was producing 18,000 machines per year.

Over the last century, Harley-Davidson has continued to improve their well-loved and distinctive machines, many fine examples of which can be seen on roads and tracks the world over. Compare insurance quotes with The Bike Insurer to find a great insurance deal whatever your Harley-Davidson model, including:


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