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Honda bikes are as popular today as they were when they first went to production over 60 years ago- the beginning of bikers’ love of Honda Motorcycles the world over.

Founded in 1948 by Japanese car mechanic Soichiro Honda and financial brain and backer Takio Fujisawa, the Honda Company quickly grew to become the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world.

The first motorcycle commercially produced by Honda in 1949 was powered by a simple 98cc two-stoke motor and, legend has it, was given name Dream (officially Model D) because when an employee first saw the machine ridden outside the factory, he exclaimed “it’s like a dream!”

Following on from this success, in the 1950’s Honda produced the C100 Super Cub, a commuter bike that remained in production for over 50 years and became the best-selling motorbike of all time.

In the 1960’s Honda gave us the first modern superbike, the CB750; in the 1970’s the company produced the technologically supreme, six-cylinder CBX1000; in the 1980’s came the special racer, RC30. And the 1990s saw Honda producing a new generation of superbike with the first CBR900RR Fireblade.

Today, Honda remains the greatest and most prolific producer of motorcycles in the world – all of them, fabulous bikes and undeniably class acts. Compare insurance quotes with The Bike Insurer to find a great insurance deal whatever model Honda you own, including:

Off Road
Sport Tourer
Super Sports

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