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Kawasaki from the beginning: a short history of Kawasaki motorbike production.

Originally involved in the manufacture of aircraft, ships and trains, by 1954 Kawasaki were producing motorbikes in the form of a 60cc two-stoke and a 150cc and 250cc four-stokes.

In 1960, the company took over Meguro, the oldest motorbike manufacturer in Japan, and using their knowledge turned their attention to bigger bikes, at first with little success. However, in 1969, Kawasaki introduced the 500cc H1, the bike that is said to have secured the company’s reputation as a manufacturer of quality, high performance machines.

The company introduced the Z1 in the early 1970’s, a bike with a quirky 903cc engine, which became known as the Z900. The 80’s saw the introduction of Kawasaki’s GPz900r, crowned ‘World’s Fastest Bike’ And the 90’s saw Kawasaki introduce their contribution to the Superbike market, the 1052cc, ZZR-1100, closely followed by the ever more powerful ZZR-1200 and ZZR-600.

In early 2000 the Z1000 appeared as a street bike, a move that many say has put Kawasaki ahead of the game. Compare insurance quotes with The Bike Insurer to find a great insurance deal whatever your Kawasaki model, including:

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