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Triumph bikes are a firmly established favourite in the biking community – a reputation built from day one:

The origins of Triumph, one of the most famous names in British motorcycling history, can be traced back to 1887, when German born sewing machine and bicycle importer, Siegfried Bettmann, launched the New Triumph Co. Ltd.

At this time he also employed the services of German engineer, Mauritz Schulte and in 1902 Schulte produced Triumph’s very first motorcycle, the simply named N1. Basically a bicycle with a 2-hp engine attached, this was the forerunner to Triumph’s first proper motorcycle, a 3-hp machine with a top speed of 45mph.

Triumph was quickly established as a trusted brand and by 1927 was producing 30,000 motorbikes a year, a figure that rose to 50,000 over the course of the Second World War. In 1959 the Triumph Bonneville was launched and rapidly became one of the most cherished motorcycles ever produced – but then, Triumph has a long history of creating bikes that become design classics.

In the 1980’s, the British Motorcycle industry took a nosedive and Triumph went out of business. Thankfully, the brand was resurrected in the 1990’s by British industrialist John Bloor who has brought back the Triumph to an adoring public. Compare insurance quotes with The Bike Insurer to find a great insurance deal whatever your Triumph model, including:


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