Macau GP 2012

Monday, November 19 2012

This year’s Macau GP ended in yet another win for MT Honda’s Michael Rutter (pictured), making it a total of eight victories at the track for the racing veteran. Despite poor weather and light delaying the race, nothing was going to put off a detemined Rutter who took the lead from the off and kept hold of it for the remainder of the race.

Straight away, Rutter pulled away enough to gain a 1.6s gap, while Johnson, John McGuinness and Simon Andrews fought for the remaining tow podium spots. On the Riders Ducati, Jessopp battled, not getting off to the best start and dropping into sixth place, before powering forward and joining in the joust for second. With Rutter far off in the distance, Simon Andrews managed to slide past his Honda Legends teammate, John McGuinness and tried to make a move on Johnson, but he tried too hard, backing off on throttle allowing Jessopp to glide by.

At this point, there was no stopping a determined Jessopp, who flew past Johnson. By now, Rutter had a 3.6s gap, but this was reduced by a second by Jessopp once lap six rolled around. Andrews had, by this time, manoeuvred around Johnson to take the final podium spot. John McGuinness was trying his best to get around him, but to no avail. In the end, his efforts resulted in him losing out on fourth place.

At the end of the day, Rutter crossed the line 4.9s ahead of Jessopp, with Andrew rounding off the podium in third, his debut rostrum finish at Macau.