Modified Bike Insurance

If you ride a modified bike then you need to sort yourself some modified bike insurance to make sure that in the event of a claim you actually get paid out.  Call us now on 0844 409 9821 to get a quote for your modified bike – and remember not all modifications mean an increase in premiums.

We’ve heard stories of riders not declaring modifications to their insurer and when they claimed, the insurers were not interested as the rider had not disclosed their modifications.

So the key to low cost modified bike insurance is to find yourself a nice broker that knows their stuff when it comes to your K&N air filter on your ZX6, your crash protectors on your GSXR, your Akrapovic exhaust on your Hyabusa or your race bodywork on your R1.

Fortunately The Bike Insurer can help you out. We’ve teamed up with one of the UK’s biggest bike insurer’s, who have access to some of the UK’s cheapest modified bike insurance deals and have made them available for customers of The Bike Insurer.

Getting a quote is easy. You can get a modified bike insurance quote by calling 0844 409 9821. Remember to disclose all of your bike modifications, regardless of how small.