Motorbike registrations fall in September

Wednesday, October 31 2012

September turned out to be a pretty poor month when it comes to new bike registrations, with many of the heavyweight manufacturers losing out on their plus 500cc machines. For one reason and another, bikers weren’t prepared to shell out for a new model, so registrations fell by 9% compared to those in September 2011.

Despite Suzuki, Honda and BMW doing their best with pre-registration offers and publicity, the market failed to respond. That being said, it wasn’t all bad news, with BMW maintaining its yearly sales, with just four less registrations than last year.Honda meanwhile managed 3% more.

Of all the manufacturers, it was Ducati who came out on top, registering 326 bikes in September, a massive 44% more than in 2011. Triumph on the other hand lost out, seeing a 6% drop in the number of bikes leaving their dealerships. The only brands which managed to buck the trend were Ducati, Yamaha and KTM.

Though it was fairly depressing on the bike front, scooter sales saw a revival with 125cc scooter sales increasing by 21.1% in September 2012.