Paris mayor insists on yearly MOTs

Wednesday, February 13 2013

You may remember that last year, French motorcyclists were up in arms because the government was threatening to introduce yearly MOT inspections on their bikes. Well, after much lobbying and protest, the idea was dropped, and the motorcyclists were appeased.

Now however, the mayor of Paris, (known for his distaste for bikes) is insisting that the government bring in the law for the city – and once again, the proposal is coming up against some serious derision among the biking fraternity. Already, the mayor has turned the Rive Gauche into a pedestrian area; closing it completely to traffic. He’s also outlawed all motorcycles which are ten years old or more from the inner city.

Apparently, the mayor is a stickler for environmental causes, but it’s clear to see why some people believe he is unfairly against motorcycles. So, what do you think? How would you feel if the UK government insisted on drastic changes to motorbike laws on our roads? Leave us your comments and let us know!