Rossi admits he wasn’t happy with Ducati

Tuesday, November 27 2012

Now that he’s returned to Yamaha, the team with which he won four Championship titles, Valentino Rossi has spoken out about his time with Ducati,and we’re not sure how pleased they’d be to hear what he really thought of his two years spent with the outfit! Speaking to Italia1, Rossi said he was ‘disappointed’ with his results, and with the fact that he couldn’t ‘sort out the bike and make it a winner.’ He went on to say that he felt the two years ‘taught him nothing’ and that in fact, he ‘didn’t need to live two difficult years’ in order to appreciate his past winning ways.

Hopefully, Rossi will be much happier now he has returned to Yamaha. In fact, the Italian rider says he hopes to make a return to the kind of results he was used to in the past;

‘I’m in shape and charged up. These two years [with Ducati] will turn out to be useful to help me enjoy the upcoming ones.’