Used tyre advice from TyreSafe ‘webinar’

Tuesday, January 15 2013

Part-worn tyres are a huge market, primarily because they’re cheaper than brand new ones, but how can you be certain that the used tyres you’re buying are of a high-quality? Perhaps more importantly, how can you be certain that they’re safe? In order to address the problem and help you select the best quality tyres for your motorbike, TyreSafe is to hold its first ever webinar, which will provide all the advice you could need when it comes to part-worn tyres.

The webinar will offer information about what part-worn tyre buyers should be looking for, along with important advice regarding keeping your bike in tip-top condition during the winter months. If you’d like to be involved in the webinar, it will be taking place on February 25th on the TyreSafe website. Pre-registration is advised.