Will Pedrosa take the title in 2013?

Tuesday, January 15 2013

Fans of MotoGP will remember how close the 2012 championship race became between Dani Pedrosa and Jorge Lorenzo, and though Lorenzo eventually took the title, Pedrosa put up a fantastic fight throughout. Well now, according to Honda boss, Shuhei Nakamoto, 2013 needs to be the year Pedrosa takes the title from his rival, or he may never get the chance. According to Nakamoto, if Pedrosa doesn’t win this year, it’s pretty unlikely he’ll ever take that all-important top spot, but he goes on to say he’s pretty convinced he’ll make it if last year’s form was anything to go by;

‘He’s beaten his big rival one on one, ridden through the rain to win at Malaysia, managed to keep his speed high even in wet conditions, which were previously his weak point. There’s no question about it- Dani has progressed to another level and is now a very strong competitor.’

So, what do you think? Do you think Dani will finally take the title from Lorenzo? Or will the Yamaha man prove too difficult to beat? Why not leave us your thoughts below.