How to keep your bike costs down

Motorbikes don’t come cheap, and with January being the month for penny pinching, we’ve found you a few ways you can save some of those pennies with minimal effort needed.


If you look after your bike properly you could save yourself a lot of money further down the line not having to replace parts or pay for repairs or call outs.

There’s also the more important issue of your safety.

Falling off your bike because your tyres are worn out or your brakes have stopped working can completely write off your bike, as well as you. And that’s a lot more expensive to put right.

As a basic rule you should keep an eye on your oil, brake pads, tyres, chains and sprockets and learn how to carry out basic repairs on them. This alone will save you a few bob and stop you failing your MOT.

If you do need to get something repaired check your warranty before paying out, and keep in mind that cheap pattern parts will likely invalidate that warranty.


 Your fuel consumption is affected by several different factors, but the majority of them, like bike model and weight, are within your control.

Maintenance also plays a part in how much fuel your bike guzzles, so don’t waste energy through deflated tyres and loose chains –  check them regularly.

Small every day changes to your riding style can all have an impact on your fuel usage – so try to throttle sooner, don’t shift gears unnecessarily and reduce your aerodynamic drag by keeping low as you ride.

Another tip is to fill up your tank in the morning when fuel is more condensed from the cold, meaning you’ll get more energy per litre.


Although leaving your policy to auto-renew saves you a bit of time, make sure to shop around when your policy is drawing to an end to see if you could get a better deal through another broker.

Your renewal date is also a good opportunity to consider whether your circumstances are likely to change in the coming year. Do you need to change to short-term bike insurance for the winter for example?

Keeping your bike as safe as possible is number two on the list of ways to bring your insurance down.

If you don’t have a garage then find a lockup close to your home to considerably reduce your premiums.

Having your bike parked on your drive or in your bike garden is never going to be as safe as having it stored away in a secure facility.

When you’re out and about make sure you have a lock and chain on you and get an alarm and a GPS tracker installed so if your bike does end up in the hands of thieves you’ll know where to find it.

Another important point to remember is that it can sometimes be far cheaper to pay for repairs yourself than to claim on your insurance and risk your premium hiking up. You should also take into consideration

Your No Claims Discount is one of the biggest factors when it comes to your insurance premium so you could also consider paying slightly more for Protected No Claims cover, which could end up saving you money in the long run.