How to make a complaint about my motorbike insurer

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Sometimes you need to make a complaint. Here’s how to do it.

At The Bike Insurer, we’re in the business of motorbike insurance… obviously. But we are concerned about our customers too – that’s why we are rated number one for motorbike insurance by real users.

If you’re not happy with your motorbike insurance then you have every right to make a complaint and try to get your grievances sorted. You might not be able to but you are still entitled to voice your concerns.

Here we explain how you can make a complaint about your motorbike insurance.

I’m not happy with the quotes I have received

We compare motorbike insurance quotes to get our customers the best, most competitive quotes on the market. We’re so confident that we offer the best motorbike insurance quotes that we’ll beat any quote you find on the market.

However sometimes quotes won’t be quite as low as you think and, in some extreme cases, insurers will refuse to insure you full stop. That can be for a number of different reasons, from convictions to lying about personal details.

It’s important to remember that The Bike Insurer is not your insurer. We are a comparison platform that enables you to find the cheapest motorbike insurance quotes. Your actual insurance is provided by one of the brokers on our panel and it is them who you should contact if you have a complaint.

How do I contact my insurance provider?

Regardless of who your insurance provider is they will have a customer service process and it’s important to start that process as soon as possible.

You should contact your insurance provider directly and outline your problem with them – this gives them the opportunity to rectify the issue and they have eight weeks to respond.

How to ensure your complaint is taken seriously

  • Contact the person you originally dealt with before taking matters further if they’re unable to help you.
  • Ask for the official complaints procedure and follow it carefully.
  • Make your complaint in writing if possible, thus creating a paper trail.
  • If you make your complaint by phone, make a note of who you are speaking to, the time and date of the call as well as their job title.
  • Include relevant details like policy numbers and account details.
  • Keep copies of any correspondence between yourself and your insurer.
  • Be aware that your complaint must be processed in eight weeks or less, expect it to take that full time and be patient.

What if I am still unhappy with my motorbike insurance provider?

If after contacting your motorbike insurance company and going through their complaints process you are still unhappy, you can approach the Financial Ombudsman.

The Financial Ombudsman is an independent service set up by parliament to deal with complaints from consumers regarding financial businesses. The service can aid you in processing a complaint before it weighs it up, without bias, before coming to a conclusion about the issue. It also provides online help and complaint forms for you to fill in.

Is the Financial Ombudsman the same as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)?

No – the FCA is a regulator of financial industries and businesses. It makes up the rules and is responsible for regulation.

Its end goal is a fair and stable industry with healthy competition among companies and businesses but if you have a personal complaint with an insurance company, the Financial Ombudsman service is your best bet.

Motorbike insurers will generally be very helpful and try to solve any complaints in the first instance.

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