Motorbike insurance for convicted riders

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If you’re a rider with road traffic convictions and endorsements, you’re likely to have to pay more for your motorbike insurance.

It doesn’t matter if three points were slapped on your licence for an honest mistake or if you were riding only slightly faster than the speed limit, if you’ve got three points, six points or nine points, it’s going to influence your insurance provider’s quote.

Generally, your insurance premium will be more expensive if you have endorsements on your licence as you are deemed to be a high-risk rider.

How long do endorsements remain on your licence?

When applying for motorbike insurance you must declare any penalty points you have for five years after they are issued. These penalty points remain on your licence for three years but you can apply to have them removed after four years.

After five years the endorsements become spent and you no longer have to declare them to your insurer.

How much more do convicted riders pay for motorbike insurance?

While there is no direct formula for how much your insurance premium will rise (because there are so many variables that go into determining your motorbike insurance quote) convicted riders will pay more.

Three points for speeding will generally increase your insurance premium by up to 10 per cent however more serious convictions can see insurance quotes tripled.

How to get cheap motorbike insurance for convicted riders?

The good news for convicted riders is that the search for the cheapest motorbike insurance doesn’t change and the process is the same for convicted riders as it is for those with clean licences.

Top tips for motorbike insurance for convicted riders

1. Shop around

The best way to ensure you get the cheapest price available to you is to shop around for the best quote.

But, be warned, some insurers will not quote riders with more than six points, so it’s even more important to shop around.

2. Security

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If your bike is locked away in a garage overnight then your insurance premium will be cheaper than if you were to park on the road.

If you use ground anchors and locks rather than nothing, your insurance should also be cheaper again.

3. Mileage

Mileage is one area where riders are tempted to be economical with the truth however if you’re caught out your insurance can be void.

We would urge you to be as accurate as possible and take some time to work out your annual mileage, as precisely as possible.

4. Advanced training

Some form of advanced rider training can help lower your insurance premium however it depends on your insurance provider.

5. Bike

The simple rule is, a cheaper, less powerful motorbike will be cheaper to insure than an expensive, powerful model.

6. Other riders

By limiting the number of other named riders on your policy, you can reduce your insurance premium.

7. Passengers

If you are never going to carry passengers on your motorbike, inform your insurer as the addition of insurance for passengers pushes up your premium.

8. Excess

By increasing your voluntary excess your insurance premium should be cheaper as you are deemed less likely to make a claim and the insurer will need to pay less in the event of a claim.

9. Modifications

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If you make modifications to your motorbike you must inform your insurer and, if your changes add to the performance, power or speed of your bike then you will pay more to insure it – don’t modify.

10. Type of insurance

Different types of insurance return different insurance premium prices and you should try different types of cover when searching.

Comprehensive insurance is generally more expensive as it includes more instances where the insurer will have to pay out.

Third party only is generally the cheapest policy as there will only ever be one instance where the insurer pays out and that is for damage to other vehicles.

Importantly, the final decision should be based on the type of insurance that suits you best, rather than just price.


It’s vital to be as truthful as possible when getting your motorbike insurance quote.

If you need to make a claim and you are found to have lied on your insurance policy, your insurer will not pay out and you will be forced to foot the bill of any damages.

This guide is intended to provide general information. All content is for general information and does not constitute any advice or recommendation from The Bike Insurer.

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