No quotes returned on comparison site

no quote returned on comparison site

On some very rare occasions, The Bike Insurer is unable to return any quotes to some riders.

While this is obviously disappointing for anyone hunting out the best motorbike insurance deals, it’s not the end of the world and you will still be able to get an insurance quote.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to do this online anymore and you will have to go offline and on to the phone to get a quote – the good news is that quotes over the phone are usually cheaper than online searches.

Why can’t I get a quote online?

Sometimes, there are technical issues with comparison sites that will prevent you from getting a quote.

For example, if servers are down or updates are being made to a site then you won’t be able to go through and complete a successful quote.

In the case of The Bike Insurer, that’s a very rare occasion and usually a no quote returned message will be borne from something slightly more complicated – you!

Sometimes, we need more information about either you or your motorbike to be able to give you a quote. It doesn’t mean you’re uninsurable, it just means we need a little more information.

Then there are occasionally credit issues and fraud checks that can require more information from you to be sorted however generally they’re an issue for the brokers rather than The Bike Insurer.

Why do you need more information?

If you do not receive a quote you’ll still get a quote reference and you will then be encouraged to give us a call to get you a quote.

The reason we progress your enquiry over the phone is because we’ll need some more information to get you a quote. It might be that the bike you’ve got isn’t recognised by our system and that we just need a little more information about it to get you a quote.

Basically, it’s nothing to be concerned about and actually has some advantages for you:

Personalised – Quotes on The Bike Insurer are already personalised, but over the phone they’re tweaked even more to your individual needs.

Cheaper – Motorbike insurance quotes will generally be cheaper over the phone.

Quick – It won’t take too much longer to get you a quote over the phone, as it requires just a little more information.

So, if you don’t get any quotes on your first attempt, don’t despair – you’re not uninsurable! Just call 0330 022 7850 and the team will take it from there.

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