What insurance group is my motorbike in?

Motorcycle insurance is unavoidable but it still confuses some riders.

When it comes to insurance there are lots of different types of policies, a wide range of variables that will affect your policy price and different exemptions for different types of bikes.

One of the more complicated aspects of motorbike insurance is insurance groups. Your insurance group affects your premium so it can have a monetary impact on your life, quite a substantial one, so you'd think it would be common knowledge among riders. It's not though, which is why we've created this guide.

What are motorbike insurance groups?

Motorbike insurance groups are a way of grading your motorbike based on its value and performance. There are between 17 and 22 insurance groups for motorbikes and different insurers will class motorbikes differently.

Generally, most bikes in the UK will be classified between groups three and 17. The lower your insurance group number, the less expensive it should be to insure.

What insurance group is my 125cc motorbike?

Generally, 125cc motorbikes will fall in the lower number insurance groups, usually from three to six, however that depends on the insurer. High performance models, over 700cc, will be in the higher groups at around 17 or 22, depending on individual insurance providers.

Check my motorbike insurance group

Checking what insurance group your motorcycle falls into isn't easy -- and that's because there are so many variations in groups based on insurance providers.

It's best not to worry too much about your insurance group as there are other factors, including age and experience, that will increase your insurance premium more. Instead you should shop around for your insurance -- as each provider will offer different premiums.

But you can look at how motorcycle insurance is calculated to see what makes insurance prices go up or down.