What is Multi Bike insurance?

Multi-bike insurance is ideal for any lucky rider with more than one motorbike.

For anyone who does have more than one bike, insuring each one on a separate policy can be a logistical nightmare. As well as having to go through the quote process for each motorbike, there’s also the fact that they could all have different renewal dates and different requirements.

There’s also the issue of paying each insurance policy separately and if your situation changes, for example you change your address, you’ll have to change the details of each individual policy.

Basically, it can all become a bit messy and difficult to organise and that’s why there are Multi Bike insurance policies.

How can a Multi Bike insurance policy make things easier?

Combine all your payments into one monthly fee? Sound familiar? Well that’s just one of the benefits of a Multi Bike insurance policy.

You can insure all of your bikes on one single policy which means no fuss if you need to change any details, one single outgoing payment and, in most cases, a saving when compared to numerous individual policies.

What kind of cover is included in Multi Bike insurance policies?

Multi Bike insurance policies work in the same way as insurance policies for individual motorbikes, just on a larger scale.

That means, whether you’re after Fire and Theft only or Comprehensive insurance, you will be able to get the kind of cover you want. You’ll also be able to add breakdown cover and personal injury claim cover as you would with any individual insurance policy.

How do I get a Multi Bike insurance policy?

It’s just as easy to get Multi Bike cover as it is for individual insurance policies and The Bike Insurer can help.

Call 0330 022 5477 to get a Multi Bike quote now.