What type of motorcycle insurance should I get?

Since you’re reading this page, you’re probably aware that there are a whole host of different options when it comes to insuring your motorbike.

It can be overwhelming when trying to pick which policy is right for you, especially with so many choices available.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you understand what kind of motorcycle insurance you need and how to get it.

What type of motorcycle insurance policy do I need?

The type of motorbike insurance policy that you need depends on how you use your bike.

The three main usage types for motorbike insurance are:

• Social only
• Social (including commuting)
• Business use

If you only ride your bike for pleasure then you need a social only policy but if you also use it to get to work then you need social plus commuting, as you’ve probably guessed.

Business insurance is a necessity if you use your motorcycle for work in any way, such as a motorcycle delivery driver.

What level of cover do I need for my motorbike insurance?

You can choose from three levels of cover when it comes to motorcycle insurance.

The three levels of motorbike insurance are:

A Comprehensive policy will cover you for the most circumstances but it’s also possible to purchase optional extras with your policy, such as breakdown cover.

Don’t assume that a Third Party Only (TPO) policy will be cheaper than a comprehensive one. In fact, insurers often charge more for TPO because they believe that choosing a lower level of cover makes you a higher risk.

How do I get cheap motorcycle insurance quotes?

The best way to find a good price when looking for motorbike insurance is to shop around and compare quotes.

It’s great if you can find yourself a better deal but remember that it’s even more important to make sure you have the right kind of insurance, so speak to your provider and check all the details before you purchase a policy.

Don’t forget about our Cheapest Price Guarantee*. If you find a cheaper online quote, we guarantee to beat it!

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