Legal Expenses Cover

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Legal Expenses Cover is another additional insurance option that gives you a little bit more protection in the event of a claim or accident.

Legal Expenses Cover helps pay for any legal proceedings that may occur in the event of an accident that is not your fault.

Legal Expenses Cover is designed to help you with the cost of legal action you may pursue to recover uninsured losses against the party who caused the accident.

It also covers you for things like policy excess, damage to your bike if you have a Third Party Only or Third Party Fire and Theft insurance policy and damage to personal property.

How much is Legal Expenses Cover?

Legal Expenses Cover is relatively cheap, adding between £30 and £40 to the cost of your annual insurance premium. Like any price in insurance however, it depends on your individual policy and your circumstances.

Will Legal Expenses always be covered?

Your legal expenses will not be covered if the accident is your fault.

It is worth noting that Legal Expenses Cover is not designed to pay you any expenses or damages you are attempting to recover. It is designed to help you with the legal costs of the recovery.

Where can I get Legal Expenses Cover?

You can get Legal Expenses Cover through most of the motorcycle insurance brokers on The Bike Insurer panel. When you complete a quote and speak to your new broker, you will be able to request Legal Expenses Cover as an extra (obviously that means an additional cost).

Not all brokers will be able to provide Legal Expenses Cover and not all riders will be eligible for Legal Expenses Cover either, it depends on you and your broker.