Personal Accident Cover

motorcycle crash at Anglesey race track
There’s no denying that riding a motorcycle can be a dangerous endeavour.

While every road user has a responsibility to look out for others, that doesn’t always happen, and it’s often those on two-wheels who feel the full force.

That’s why we think every rider should think about Personal Accident Cover.

What is Personal Accident Cover?

Personal Accident Cover is an add-on that, in the event of a serious accident, gives a cash payment to you or your family.

This form of cover is there to alleviate any potential financial issues caused by any injuries sustained when riding your motorbike. Like most additional cover options, they are paid with a one-off fee, rather than monthly charges.

What injuries are covered?

The types of injuries included in personal accident cover vary from policy to policy, however they deal with the most serious forms of bodily injury, including fatalities.

Where can I get personal accident cover?

You can get personal accident cover using The Bike Insurer and our panel of the UK’s leading insurance brokers.

When you complete a quote with The Bike Insurer and get in touch with a broker either online or over the phone, you will be able to ask about Personal Accident Cover or other insurance add-ons (like Helmet & Leathers cover for example).

Not all insurers provide Personal Accident Cover and not all riders will be eligible for Personal Accident Cover, your eligibility depends on you and your insurer.