Motorcycle Pillion Cover

motorbike with a passenger wide at the Southend Shakedown

Riding on the back of a motorbike is the second best thing you can do on a motorbike, after riding it yourself, obviously.

You share the same sense of exhilaration and speed as the rider but your life is in the hands of the person in front of you, so a lot of trust is involved.

Similarly, there’s a lot more pressure on the rider because they’re legally responsible for the pillion. That’s why it’s vital that you have Pillion Cover if you intend to carry a passenger.

Is Pillion Cover included in motorcycle insurance?

Generally, Pillion Cover is no longer included as standard with bike insurance policies. Anyone who wants to be insured to carry passengers must request to do so with their insurer – something you can do when you get a bike insurance quote with The Bike Insurer.

Can pillion passengers claim on an insurance policy?

With Pillion Insurance, the passenger can claim on insurance in the same way as the rider, however they cannot claim for damage to the bike.

If a rider has third party insurance but no Pillion Insurance, the pillion may be considered as a third party and be able to claim. However the rider would have to foot the cost as they breached their policy.

Likewise, if a passenger causes an accident through their actions, the rider is legally responsible.

Where can I get Pillion Insurance?

You can get Pillion Insurance from The Bike Insurer as you complete the quote process for your motorbike insurance from one of the UK’s leading motorcycle insurance brokers on our panel.