Off Road Bike & Motocross Insurance

Compare off road bike insurance and get hard-wearing coverage for your rugged motorbike.

Enduro bike, dirt bike, trial bike, or scrambler – no matter what you call off road ready rides, they’re perfect for bikers who feel just as comfortable off the road as they do on it. Wherever you’re riding, keep your off road bike covered with dirt cheap deals on motorbike insurance by comparing quotes with The Bike Insurer.

What is an off road bike?

Off road bikes are built for the adrenaline-junkie and adventure-enthusiast. They’re simple, stripped-down, and versatile motorbikes that usually feature light bodies, high suspension, and hardy off road tyres.

They come in lots of different forms, from high fuel capacity rally bikes to ultra-light and mobile trials bikes, but all of them focus on being suitable for rough terrain.

Do I need insurance for an off road bike?

The quick answer is that if you ride your off road bike anywhere other than on private land – yes you do need insurance. Even if you only ever use your dirt bike on public roads to get to a track or field, it’s a legal requirement that you have, at the very least, third party insurance coverage.

In fact, even riders who don’t ever let their wheels touch a public road can sometimes benefit from an off road motorbike insurance policy. Without insurance, you’re solely responsible for the costs involved in any accident that damages your bike, someone else’s property, or causes injury.

An off road bike insurance policy

If you’re riding your off roader on roads, whether that’s to get to work or go to the shops, you’re in the same boat as all other motorbike owners. You need a full bike insurance policy that covers you for road use and the damages that can result from road traffic incidents. You can choose your level of coverage, with a minimum of third party only, and add on any additional extras that you might need.

If you’re riding off road, whether that’s at motocross rallies, trials events, or just recreational all-terrain adventure, your bike insurance needs might be a little different. You’ll still need road coverage if you’re riding your bike to the event, but additional coverage for accidental damage off the road and legal assistance could be worth looking into as well.

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Does standard motorbike insurance cover off road use?

A regular motorbike insurance policy won’t cover you for off road biking. Bike insurance is specifically for riding on public roads and if you want coverage exclusively for off road riding, you’ll need to get a specialist dirt bike insurance policy.

Fortunately, we do work with insurers who offer specific off road motorbike insurance, so no matter what you need coverage for, we can help.

How do I get cheap off road bike insurance?

Insurance for off road bikes is known to be on the more expensive side of bike insurance, as riders who pick dirt bikes tend to be younger and less experienced while the risks involved with riding off road also add to the price.

As with any other type of bike insurance though, you can cut down the cost of insurance for off road bikes. Popular methods of reducing premiums include limiting your mileage, building up a no claims bonus, and investing in some serious security for your motorcycle.

Can I ride my off road bike on roads?

Lots of types of off road bikes are road legal in theory, but the same rules that apply to regular road bikes apply here. That means that you must have mirrors, a number plate, a valid driving licence, road-worthy insurance and more in order to be able to ride on the road.