Third Party Fire and Theft Motorbike Insurance

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Third Party Fire and Theft is the middle form of motorcycle cover in terms of what it protects you against; it sits beneath Comprehensive insurance and just above Third Party Only.

What is Third Party Fire and Theft motorbike insurance?

Third Party Fire and Theft covers damage to other parties’ vehicles and property, as well as injuries sustained by others.

However it does not cover damage to you and your motorbike if the incident was your fault, as is the case with Third Party insurance.

Where it differs from the most basic form of motorcycle insurance is that it also covers your motorbike if it is stolen or damaged or destroyed by fire.

Why should I choose Third Party Fire and Theft insurance?

While the chances of your motorbike catching fire are relatively low, the chances of it being stolen are much higher.

Statistics have shown that more than 60 bikes are stolen everyday in the UK and motorbikes are twice as likely to be stolen than a car.

Because of this, it makes sense to have motorcycle insurance that covers theft, providing some peace of mind if your bike is stolen.

Third Party Fire and Theft is also likely to be cheaper than Comprehensive insurance because there are fewer occasions when your insurer may be required to pay out.

Should I chose Third Party Fire and Theft based on price alone?

Despite Third Party Fire and Theft cover likely being one of the cheapest forms of motorcycle insurance cover, the level of insurance you pick should not be based on price alone.

You need to make sure that the insurance policy you select is the right one for you, taking into consideration the kind of protection you need as well as price.

Where to get Third Party Fire and Theft motorcycle insurance

You can compare Third Party Fire and Theft motorcycle insurance prices from the UK’s leading bike insurance providers on The Bike Insurer.

We do the shopping around for you by comparing prices from more than 40 insurers, so you don’t have to.

And if you find a cheaper Third Party Fire and Theft motorcycle insurance quote anywhere else online, we promise to beat it.

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Very good price & excellent service

Roy, 18th November 2020

Good value for your money with brake down cover and friendly people with an easy internet service for new clients like me.

David, 18th November 2020