8 things we loved at Motorcycle Live

Motorcycle Live Suzuki bikes lined up on the Japanese manufacturer's stand

Motorcycle Live 2015 is in full swing with just four days left of the UK’s premier motorbike show.

The Bike Insurer was there on the opening day and on Monday when press are allowed in an hour before the crowds.

That means we can take photographs without people jumping on the bikes mid-flash but it also means we get to complete a quick circuit of the show and pick out are favourite bits.

It’s tough to pick out the best bits with so much on show but we’ve selected eight things that we loved because they were either a little bit different, brilliantly entertaining or just cool.

Like ‘I’m a Celebrity’, the list is in no particular order.

Victory Noise

The Victory stand is an impressive one this year with lots of brilliant cruisers on display.

The limelight will probably be hogged by the brand new Indian Scout Sixty but it was another model that surprised The Bike Insurer.

At bike shows there’s always a bit of music in the background and at 9.05am on the Victory stand we thought it was a bit loud. Then we found out it was coming from the Victory Magnum.

It’s a whopper of a cruiser and its audio system packs 100 watts from siz speakers for a pretty noisy ride.

Quiet Kawasaki

Anyone who attended Motorcycle Live last year will probably remember the Kawasaki Ninja H2R.

An impressive bike undoubtedly but it wasn’t the looks that stayed in the mind last time out, it was the sound of its supercharged 305hp engine getting pinned.

Literally the noisiest bike we’ve ever heard, it was nice to see rather than hear the H2R this time around with a peaceful rotating display.

FMX Live – Whipping and beatboxing

We all know Freestyle Motocross is cool, we all know it’s incredibly difficult to do and we all know it’s terrifying.

Experiencing it in the flesh is something else though and while it doesn’t stop you thinking it’s cool, difficult or terrifying, it does make you appreciate just how cool, difficult and terrifying it really is.

The highlights were a ‘whip-off’ and a six man train. Definitely worth a watch.

Lee Bowers

Lee Bowers is a famous stunt rider but again, it’s better seeing his skills in the flesh than on a video to get a proper view of just how difficult it is to do a wheelie, for one minute, stood up on the back of your bike, on one leg, going round in a circle, in front of 300 people, in a steel-fence enclosure… in case you thought that sounded easy.

Yamaha MT-10

The Yamaha MT-10 is one of the new kids on the block and a bike that has got lots of people excited after its debut at the EICMA bike show in Milan last month.

It’s the first time the bike has been on display in the UK and if it sells as well as the smaller MT-09, Yamaha will be pleased.

Yamaha MT-10 on show at Motorcycle Live 2015

Honda’s Africa Twins

The Honda Africa Twin is a famous name in bikes and the Japanese manufacturer has re-launched the Adventure bike in 2015.

Motorcycle Live has got a brilliant display for the legendary bike, with versions from through the ages.

Honda Africa Twins through the ages on display at Motorcycle Live 2015

Harley-Davidson Street 750

The Street 750 is a customisable bike but the one that Harley-Davidson had on display at Motorcycle Live was a stunning looking thing.

Decked out in neon green, it looks brilliant and with a standard version up for grabs in the Harley competition, it’s tempting to sign-up.

Harley-Davidson Street 750 customised in Neon at Motorcycle Live 2015

The TT stand TT trophy up close

It’s a staple part of the Motorcycle Live diet every year and this year there’s a brilliant video of the 2015 event for you to catch up on.

Every time we walked past the TT display, it was rammed and we lost count of the amount of selfies with the trophies on display.

As mentioned, this list isn’t extensive and there are lots more stands and exhibits that are worth a visit from manufacturers and retailers.

Suzuki is celebrating 30 years of the GSX-R, Triumph had the superb new Street Twin and BMW had a stunning custom Nine-T.


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