All Female Biker record attempt at British GP

Last weekend The Bike Insurer witnessed a World Record attempt by a group of female bikers in Shropshire.

1,132 women congregated at Lynn’s Raven Café to beat the record for the world’s largest all female biker meet and they absolutely smashed it, almost doubling the previous record, which stood at 618.

With one world record under their belts Nimi Patel and Sherrie Woolf, the women behind the attempt, have caught the bug and are going for not one but two new records at Silverstone next month.

This time around they’re looking to beat the current record for ‘Most Women Riding Motorcycles at Once’ of 1,005, and set a brand new one in the form of the ‘World’s Largest All Female GP Track Parade’ record.

That’s why the location is Silverstone and also why British GP are the main sponsors of the record attempt.

As well as potentially becoming a record breaker, female attendees will also get the chance to take part in parade laps around Silverstone after the qualifying rounds of the British GP.

How you can get involved

Females can get involved for the cost of just £22.50, which brings access to Silverstone on Saturday 26 August. Learn more about the event and how to get involved

Missed the first World Record attempt? We were there to film it!

VIDEO: World’s biggest all female biker meet

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