Christmas gift ideas for bikers

motogp riders on trackIf you’re anything like The Bike Insurer, the 10-days-to-go klaxon is ringing harshly in your ears and it really is time to finish off your Christmas shopping.

Despite resolutions every year to get all your Christmas shopping finished by the end of November, most people still have a few bits and bobs to buy friends and family with just over one week remaining until the big day.

We can’t help you decide what to buy old Aunt Mavis but if you’re looking for something to buy for a motorbike rider this Christmas, we might be able to help.

Guy Martin – ‘When You Dead, You Dead’

Guy Martin has been a fixture on the road racing scene for a number of years but over the last two to three years he’s become a fixture on our TV screens too.

At 34-years-old, the Lincolnshire truck mechanic has packed more excitement into his life than most of us, which probably explains why he’s been able to squeeze two autobiographies out in the last two years.

Guy_Martin_in_contentThe latest, ‘When You Dead, You Dead’ covers 12 months, starting in July 2014 and culminating in his well-documented crash at the Ulster Grand Prix in August 2015.

It highlights just how manic a mechanics life can be, when you throw in 24-hour solo mountain biking, trips to India, high-speed world record attempts and road racing.

Read our review of ‘When You Dead, You Dead’.

Price: Around £10

Do you want it? Good read and lots of chapters that will appeal to anyone who likes tinkering with motorbikes.

Get Guy Martin: When You Dead, You Dead

MotoGP Racing Game

Christmas falls outside of the racing season MotoGP has ensured you can enjoy both at the same time.

The World’s premier motorbike racing series has got its own board game that’s a bit like a two wheel version of Subutteo (for anyone who remembers it). Alas, it’s not quite MotoGP Monopoly, a version of which was rumoured but good luck finding it.

However, if you’re a bit more up to date and would prefer a video game, there’s MotoGP 15 for PS4 or Xbox.

Board game price: £25.16

PS4 price: £22.99

Do you want it? It’s a bit old fashioned but so is Monopoly, if only we could find it.

Get MotoGP 15 (PS4).

Motorbike Onesie

held logoAbout 5 years ago the Onesie kicked off in the UK and it doesn’t look like their popularity is slowing down.

Held, the German leather manufacturer, has jumped on the bandwagon and launched its own jumpsuit onesie.

So if you’ve got a biker in your life who hates taking their leathers off, this could be the one for you.

Price: £59.99

Do you want it? Some of us don’t get near our leathers during winter, this should help with our separation anxiety.

Get Held Onesie.

Drift Stealth 2

Ronnie Pickering. Remember him? He was the driver who wasn’t too impressed with a motorbike rider and challenged said rider to a bare-knuckle fight.

While the video was funny, it highlighted the importance of a helmet cam, not just for capturing hilarious videos, but also the serious side of road rage.

Drift’s new Stealth 2 camera is ideal for a helmet cam (or attached to your handlebars) because of it being lightweight and its long battery life.

And, if you get a quote with The Bike Insurer, you get £50 off the cost too.

Price: £149.99

Do you want it? The Stealth 2 is a solid action camera that also doubles up as a great onboard camera.

Get Drift Innovation Stealth 2.

Hitting the ApexMarco Simoncelli

A couple of months ago, Brad Pitt’s ‘Hitting the Apex’ started hitting the big screen.

A brilliant documentary that follows some of the fastest riders in MotoGP, ‘Hitting the Apex’ also gives us another chance to look at Marco Simoncelli, the brilliant Italian racer who tragically lost his life at the Sepang circuit in Malaysia.

Price: Around £10

Do you want it? One of the best race documentaries we’ve seen. Well worth it.

Get Hitting the Apex [DVD] [2015].

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