Christmas gift ideas for the biker in your life

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Bikers aren’t the easiest group of people to buy Christmas presents for, unless of course you’re buying them a new bike and even then absolutely consult them.

That’s why we’ve pulled together a list of 10 Christmas gift ideas for bikers.

We’ve attempted to cater for all budgets, depending on how much you like the biker in your life, so there should be something for everyone.

And because we’re really helpful, if you click on the links or the images of the gifts you like, they’ll take you straight through to the product itself.

1. For the biking gamer

Valentino Rossi PS4 game

This year, Valentino Rossi got himself a motorcycle racing game dedicated to his career.

You can start a career via the VR|46 Academy or live out your wildest fantasy and actually pretend to be The Doctor as you take on 20 challenges based on his career in racing, starting all the way back in 1996.

It’s being touted as the best motorcycle racing game ever, so it could be worth a punt if your biker is also a gamer.

Valentino Rossi The Game is available on PS4, Xbox One and Windows.

2. For the biking pizza fan

If you’ve ever been to a biker café or racing circuit, you’ll notice that bikers don’t tend to be fussy eaters, so you can almost guarantee that bikers like pizza.

As far as stocking fillers go, this one’s wheelie good – it’s a pizza cutter shaped like a motorcycle.

3. For the biker that’s always late

If the biker in your life struggles to drag themselves out of bed for anything other than a ride out on the motorcycle, this alarm clock could be the answer.

We know alarm clocks are almost a thing of the past but this one is particularly cool.

We’d like to say that the alarm noise is a revving two-stroke but alas, it’s just a buzzer.

As far as biker gifts go, it’s a bargain option if you’re looking for stocking fillers.

4. For the biker that needs more clothes

Born to ride t-shirt There’s a huge array of motorcycle themed t-shirts available online but this is one of our favourites.

If there’s one thing that most bikers like, it’s letting everyone else know that they ride a motorbike, and what better way than a t-shirt that makes it blatantly obvious.

Again, it’s an affordable option and it’s available in black, so most bikers are going to be happy.

5. For the biker that likes to look at themselves

Ok, so this one’s expensive but it’s worth it if the biker in your life is a fan of watching themselves on camera.

The 360FLY is a 360 degree camera so whatever happens on the road, you should catch it on camera.

It’s really easy to use and results in some brilliant videos for your own enjoyment, as well as everybody else’s when they get uploaded on to Facebook.

It’s also endorsed by Jorge Lorenzo and if it’s good enough for him, its probably good enough for your biker as they pootle along A-roads.

6. For the biker looking for inspiration


Ian Hutchinson is one of the biggest names in racing but his career almost ended in 2010, months after a breakthrough appearance at the Isle Of Man TT where he stood on top of the podium five times.

‘Hutchy’ was involved in a big crash at Silverstone and told he might not walk again.

Miracle Man tells the story of his recovery, which culminated in three wins at the 2015 TT. Inspirational stuff.

7. For the biker whose bike is never clean enough

For bikers, a motorbike is a thing of pride and joy, so keeping it clean and shiny is a duty that’s taken very seriously.

Muc-Off’s Motorcycle Care Essentials Kit comes with everything a biker would want to keep their motorcycle clean: There’s a cleaner, a protectant, a sponge, wheel and component brush and a storage bag too.

So if your biker obsesses about keeping their bike spick and span, it’s a solid gift idea for Christmas.

8. For the biker that drinks wine

If you know a biker that likes the odd glass of vino, this gift’s a decent stocking filler.

It’s a wine holder shaped like a motorbike, so what’s not to like.

It won’t break the bank and is something a little different for your tabletop.

9. For the old school biker

Easy Rider movie coverIf the biker in your life is a bit old school, then this is the gift for them – especially if the winter weather gets a bit too much and keeps them locked indoors and off their bike.

Easy Rider is an American road movie that was released in 1969 and features Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda in the starring roles as they travel across America.

It’s arguably the most famous motorcycle movie ever made and one that’s worth watching.

10. For the cultured biker

Motorcycle Diaries depicts an 8,000 mile road trip taken by Ernesto Guevara de la Serna and his mate, Alberto Granado.

Those names probably don’t mean a lot to anyone, but add ‘Che’ in front of Guevara and the name probably rings a bell.

The journey shaped Guevara’s political sentiments, which went on to make him one of the most famous faces in world politics.

It’s an interesting film however one thing it does not display is high quality riding skills based on the number of times the pair fall off.