Day 7 – Essential winter riding gear (Pt.1)

Riding in winter isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and that’s usually due to a combination of temperatures and road conditions.

Obviously, winter is cold in the UK, and that drop in temperature and reduction in daylight hours throws up a unique set of road conditions that lots of riders find difficult to deal with.

The good news is you’re not alone in finding winter riding tricky and sometimes, not worth the stress.

However, with the right gear, a cold snap doesn’t have to put an end to your two wheel activities.

Wearing the right gear

One of the biggest complaints riders have about the winter isn’t so much that they find it too difficult to ride in winter; it’s the fact that it’s uncomfortable riding when you’re freezing.

That doesn’t sound like good news but it is, because it means all you need to do is buy the right riding gear and you can ride warm and comfortable, just like you do in summer.

We ‘ve looked at some of the best motorcycle clothing ideas to keep you warm, focused and dry when you’re on two wheels. Here’s part one:

  • Base layers


Base layers don’t just give you an extra layer, they also help your skin breather if things get a bit sweaty on a long ride.

They’re cheap, lightweight and thin, so won’t break the bank or get in the way of your jacket or fleece if you wear one of those as well.

How much are motorcycle base layers?

Motorcycle base layers are fairly cheap. You can buy a top and pants for around £50.

  • Keep your neck covered


Your neck is one of relatively few places on your body that can still be exposed when you ride.

Lots of jackets have extended collars to keep your neck covered but there’s always likely to be a bit of skin on display while you’re riding.

Neck wraps are cheap and bridge the fleshy gap between your jacket and your lid – they’re cheap too.

How much are motorcycle neck wraps?

Neck wraps can cost as little as £10 but you’ll pay around £20-£30 for a decent one.

  • Heated vests keep you toasty

Anyone who’s worn a heated vest in the cold will look at you with a smug glint in their eye.

They’re an investment and don’t come cheap however we don’t know anyone who’s worn one and not raved about it.

How much are heated motorcycle vests?

Heated motorcycle vests don’t come cheap. You’ll pay upwards of £100.

  • Go for a textile jacket and textile jeans

Lots of riders are leathers till they die but in when it’s cold and wet, a winter textile jacket and jeans are difficult to beat.

There is a wide range of winter riding jackets available but what most of them have in common is a warm removable lining, a breathable material and reflective touches on the outside.

They’re also waterproof, which in a British winter is essential for riding gear.

And we know you can get waterproofs to go over your leathers, but they can be a bit like bin bags.

  • Lower back belts


Lower back belts, also known as kidney belts, are a brilliant addition to your winter riding armoury.

They look like weight lifting belts but all you need to concern yourself with is that they keep the cold bits at the back warm.

How much are motorcycle kidney belts?

They’re cheap to buy too, the most expensive one we could spot online was £40, the cheapest less than £20.

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