Day 8 – Essential winter riding gear (Pt.2)

We delved into the motorcycle clothing that can keep you warm, dry and safe when you’re out on two wheels in winter yesterday. 

Today, we’re looking at different pieces of gear that can keep you even warmer – and importantly less distracted – while you’re on the road.

  • Heated gloves are a treat


Heated gloves don’t come cheap but they keep your hands warm and we’re all agreed, there are few things worse than cold, cramped hands when you’re behind the handlebars.

Heated gloves aren’t cheap but they’re much more affordable and easier to use than they have ever been before.

As anyone who’s driven in cold, wet gloves will tell you, it’s not very nice and it’s nearly impossible to stay focused when your hands suffer because of the weather.

  • Heated grips are also good

Heated grips do the same job as heated gloves and there’s a pair that can be retro-fitted to most bikes on the market.

They’re usually a bit cheaper than heated gloves but they’re obviously a little bit more difficult to deal with, unlike a pair of gloves that you throw on before you get on your bike.

How much are heated motorcycle grips?

Heated motorcycle gloves are a much more affordable option than heated gloves. You can get your hands on some for anywhere between £50 and £100.

  • A visor


This sounds like a stupid one but a visor is essential when you’re riding in winter.

As well as keeping the cold wind and rain off your face, a visor can also keep the grime and grit, which builds up on road surfaces over the winter months out of your eyes and mouth.

You should also take a few extra precautions to stop your visor fogging up, because it will happen more quickly and regularly when the weather is colder. A pinlock system will help and they’re compatible with most lids and visors.

How much are pinlock ready visors?

Pinlock ready visors are available for most mainstream manufacturer’s helmets and the cost of pinlock ready visors depends on your lid manufacturer.

For example, an Arai pinlock ready visor costs around £60, while the pinlock inserts are around £25.

  • High visibility clothing

While the winter months bring cold weather and rain or occasionally snow, it also brings darkness.

High-vis may not be one of the coolest colour schemes knocking around but it does make you more easily to see on the road.

Lots of winter jackets and jeans have reflective panels on them but high-vis clothing can only make you stick out more.

How much are high visibility motorcycle vests?

High visibility motorcycle jackets and vests are cheap and cost from £15 to £50.

  • Proper socks


Motorcycle boots aren’t the comfiest thing in the world and they’re not the warmest either.

However a pair of winter riding socks can transform your previously chilly boots into a snug, warm and dry haven for your toes.

Socks may not seem like the most important piece of kit to add to your winter riding wardrobe but they do make a difference.

How much are winter motorcycle socks?

A good pair of winter motorcycle socks can cost up to £30.