Honda Africa Twin named bike of the year

Honda Africa Twins through the ages on display at Motorcycle Live 2015
Honda’s Africa Twin adventure bike has been crowned Bike of the Year by AutoTrader.

The Africa Twin has been incredibly popular among UK bikers and the award from AutoTrader is the icing on the cake for a model that returned to the marketplace late in 2015.

Inspired by the XRV750, the CRF 1000L Africa Twin stood out in front of anything else on the market according to the AutoTrader judging panel, with its ability and composure on and off road the major reasons for its triumph.

And the good news didn’t end there for the Africa Twin, as it also took first place in the ‘Best Adventure’ bike category as well, with the judges claiming it’s ‘one of the best motorcycles to come out of the Honda for years.’

The winners of the annual awards were plucked out by three members of the AutoTrader team in the form of Jon Quirk (Editor-in-Chief), Rob Morphet and Phil West (Senior Road Tester).

Honda CB12F triumphs

It wasn’t all about the Africa Twin for the Japanese manufacturer however, with three other awards dished out by AutoTrader.

In the Best A1 category, the Honda CB125F claimed top spot in the 125cc category with its user friendliness, efficiency and reliability three of the major reasons for its success.

What the judges had to say:

Phil West said: “The CB125F is pretty brilliant for its intended purpose. There isn’t anything fancy in this junior Honda’s delivery, but the value for money here is inescapable.”

Honda CB125F

Success for the CB500F

In the Best A2 category, the CB500F triumphed, with judges singling the sub-47bhp naked out for its all-round ability on the road.

What the judges had to say:

Rob Morphet said: “When you’ve outgrown your CB125F and the time comes to step up into the A2 license, here is your answer. It’s a great platform to learn to ride more powerful sports bikes in the future.”

Commuter champion

In one of the most hotly contested categories of the awards, the Honda NC750X received the accolades as it was named the Best Commuter bike of 2016.

It was the third consecutive year the NC has grabbed the top prize in the commuter category.

What the judges had to say:

Jon Quirk said: “The NC750X is deeply impressive at what it does. If you want a bike to go to work on and behave dutifully come rain or shine, buy an NC.”

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