Our American road trip – Las Vegas, Bakersfield and Yosemite (video)

American road trip Las Vegas

Earlier this month, The Bike Insurer went Stateside on a road trip around California atop a Harley-Davidson.

In the first instalment in our four-part series, Dave Jackson travels from Las Vegas, Nevada, into California, stopping at Bakersfield before heading up into the mountains of Yosemite National Park.

Dave said: “Despite the jetlag – which was pretty annoying over the first few days – the first part of my trip was probably the most exciting and nerve-wracking of the lot.

“As well as getting on a brand new bike and travelling with more luggage than I’ve ever carried before on two-wheels, it always takes a bit of time to get used to driving in a new country.

“When that’s coupled with a 300+ mile trip through desert with a distinct lack of fuel stations, it’s enough to make you a little bit anxious.”

Fortunately Dave had the massive carrot of Yosemite National Park dangling at the end of his stick, enough to make any photographer excited.

“Yosemite was the place I was most looking forward to getting to from the moment this trip was organised. Primarily that was because I knew there would be some brilliant sights to snap but also because the riding was going to be pretty different to anything I’d ever done before. It didn’t disappoint.”

You can watch the first legs of Dave’s journey below.

To read about Dave’s journeys to Bakersfield and Yosemite, follow the links to his daily diaries.

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