Our American road trip – Los Angeles and home

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In our final instalment of our American motorbike road trip, Dave rides from Pismo Beach and into Los Angeles.

To get there, Dave enjoyed a trip along some of California’s most stunning coastal roads before winding his way into Santa Barbara and Santa Monica.

Dave said: “Santa Barbara and Santa Monica are cool places and they made fro great places to stop.

“They’ve both got beautiful promenades looking out on to the pacific and there’s definitely a bit of money knocking around the place.”

From Santa Monica Dave made his final journey on his Harley-Davidson into LA but his enthusiasm was almost immediately dampened by nose to tail traffic.

“I didn’t get to do much of LA because I had a deadline to get my bike back to Eagle Rider and the traffic meant my exploring was limited.

“I must admit, I wasn’t too upset by that because LA (outside of the plusher areas) wasn’t tickling my fancy much so after a drive through the affluent Beverly Hills, along Sunset Boulevard and a quick snap of the Hollywood sign, I went back to Eagle Rider.”

Dave’s bike drop-off went without a hitch, except for a few tears shed for his Harley that would no longer be his companion.

“I loved my Harley despite being a sports bike man, something I never thought I’d say. It was the right bike and I can only thank Eagle Rider for advising me to bump up the size of my bike because if not, I would have needed to buy a few more bungee straps!”

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