Our American road trip part two – San Francisco (video)

American Roadtrip Yosemite San Francisco

After the first two legs of our American motorbike road trip, we headed over to San Francisco – one of the biggest cities in the States with some of its most famous landmarks.

But first Dave Jackson had to get there which meant an early exit from Yosemite National Park and a 200-mile journey west across California.

While the route was fairly straightforward, a repeating issue with petrol stations reared its ugly head again en route.

Dave said: “I had the same issue at every petrol station where I needed to use a pin for my credit card that I didn’t know or have. I seemed to get around it after a few attempts, as the video shows, but it wasn’t easy!”

Once Dave was back in the saddle and back on the road, he made a beeline for San Francisco, arriving mid afternoon.

“My first impression of San Francisco was just how strange it was seeing a city with so many hills and steep inclines. I knew there were hills but I didn’t expect quite so many and the Harley didn’t like them that much either.

“After a chilled out night exploring around my hotel, I got up early the day after for operation tourist. I strapped my bum bag on and went to see the major sights in San Francisco, including a slightly hairy ride down the twisting Lombard Street, not helped by morning sprinklers greasing it up!”

You can watch the next instalment of Dave’s motorbike road trip below, including a trip to Alcatraz and a stunning ride across the Golden Gate Bridge.

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