REVIEWED: MCIA off-road taster

Group of off roaders at MORE in Wiltshire courtesy of the MCIA 700px slim

Unless you’re watching Red Bull TV you don’t often see dirt bikes or motocrossers.

And that’s an issue.

The antics of the best riders in the world are somewhat removed from most of us, however much we’d like to do what they do and do it as well as they do.

It seems unattainable, unreachable and a bit impossible, especially if you’ve ever seen Romaniacs.

That’s where the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) has stepped in, specifically through it’s off-road committee, as it attempts to increase participation in all forms of off-road riding.

Motorcycle Off-Road Experience (MORE)

Over four days this week, the MCIA and some of the world’s leading off-road manufacturers and trainers have setup camp in Wiltshire to give off-road novices or experts the chance to sample riding crossers.

On a course that is friendly for newbies, with instructors who are patient, it’s a brilliant and safe way for anyone thinking of going off-road to have a go – it’s cheap too at £30.

It’s also a great way for anyone who has done a bit of off-roading before and is considering investing in a bike to sample some machines.

With KTM, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki all present, you can swap machines to see which one tickles your fancy.

Group of off road novices waiting to get out on track at MCIA's MORE event in Wiltshire 700px

Who else is there?

As well as the manufacturers and the MCIA, a number of off-road organisations were also on hand to offer advice, with a number of trainers also present to guide riders around the short course.

What do I get from it?

First and foremost, you get a well organised and safe taste of going off-road in a controlled environment which, for anyone trying out off-road for the first time, can be a deal breaker.

There is also the chance to pick the brains of lots of different people from within the industry, from former UK champions across multiple off-road disciplines to manufacturers who may be able to advise you on which off-road bike is the right one for you.

You’ll love it, as The Bike Insurer did.

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