The Bike Insurer goes off-road at MORE


This year’s Motorcycle Off-Road Experience (MORE) will take place in July with The Bike Insurer in attendance.

2015 marks the fourth year of the festival that gives people the opportunity to try out off-road riding for the first time.

Backed by the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA), the event will be held over four days this summer in conjunction with a number of manufacturers including KTM, Honda and Yamaha.

Members of the public, with or without a motorbike license, can give off-roading a go with the Amateur Motorcycle Association (AMCA) overseeing the day along with the MCIA.

Sandra Cole, MCIA, said: “You don’t need to be an experienced road rider or have a license.  You just need to be interested in having a go off-road.  Whether your long term goal is some gentle green laning, or becoming the next motocross star, you have to start somewhere and MORE gives you that first opportunity.”

The Bike Insurer is no stranger to off-roading and enjoys a strong relationship with the Adventure Rider Centre in Spain.

We’ve visited their HQ near Malaga on a number of occasions, taking to the trails around Mijas and have first-hand experience of just how enjoyable off-road riding is – as do a number of competition winners who we whisked off to Spain for two-days riding after they received quotes through The Bike Insurer.

The Bike Insurer will be taking part in MORE and will be championing off-road riding, as well as photographing and videoing those brave enough to give it a go.

The event costs £30 and tickets will go on sale on Saturday 16th May from 10am on the MORE website.

MORE runs from Tuesday 7 July to Friday 10 July. Visit the MORE website for further details.


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