The Bike Insurer goes Stateside – the route map

Harley-Davidson parked at the bottom of the famous Lombard Street in San Francisco 700px

The Bike Insurer is sending Dave Jackson, the man behind our events and social media, on an epic road trip across the West Coast of America.

Dave will be updating us on his whereabouts as he goes and there will be videos, blogs and countless photographs documenting his journey.

These will be published across our website and Social Media channels (details below) but if you want to see little snapshots of Dave as he goes by road then the map below is the perfect tool.

Dave will be adding photos and videos to the map, as well as any interesting stops en route.

But alongside providing us with some brilliant images and great videos to look at, Dave’s journey will also offer some insight into motorbike roadtrips.

For example how much you should pack for a road trip and how to get the right travel insurance for your motorbike road trip.

There’ll no doubt be petrol station fears, satnav issues and the excitement of exploring unknown roads, all of which will be documented for other riders to learn from.

The West Coast route and potential stops

You can keep up to date with Dave’s road trip via all our social media channels.

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