The Emoji-bike game – the results

Emoji motorbike competitionOver the festive period The Bike Insurer ran a fun competition called the Emoji-bike competition and here are the answers.

What the competition lacked in a snappy title, we think we made up for it by our challenging motorbike emoji clues.

And it certainly was challenging because not one entrant managed to guess all 15 answers correctly, with our eventual victor guessing 14/15 answers correctly and winning our prize bundle.

For anyone who’s still wondering what the answers were, here they are:

1. Tai Woffinden
2. Dani Pedrosa
3. Carl Fogarty
4. Valentino Rossi
5. Eugene Laverty
6. Evel Knievel
7. Barry Sheene
8. Kawasaki
9. Mike Hailwood
10. Tito Rabat
11. Bill Ivy
12. Yamaha
13. Brands Hatch
14. Victory
15. Umberto Masetti

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