1,468 e-petitions for motorbikes created since 2011

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Almost 1,500 e-petitions have been created regarding issues with or about motorbikes in the UK.

At present, 188 e-petitions are still open while 798 have been closed and 482 have been rejected on the government’s platform that allows members of the public to publish their concerns.

When an e-petition generates 100,000 signatures it is considered for debate in the House of Commons and is viewed as a fast-track way of getting issues debated in parliament.

If it generates more than 10,000 signatures, the e-petition will get a response from the relevant government department.

The list is sizeable and shows a certain amount of discontent among UK riders however the majority revolve around bikers trying to push their look a little bit.

There are a number of calls to increase the motorway speed limit and a demand for more space from cars however they sit firmly in the rejected pile of e-petitions.

Currently, the only open e-petition regarding motorbikes with more than 10,000 signatures is one that calls for noise complaint waivers for anyone who lives near a motorsport venue.

The e-petition closes on Monday but has already generated more than 40,000 signatures, prompting a response from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

In it, the government department implies that it is unlikely such a call would be passed and it reaffirms its process in determining noise complaints.

It’s similar to another e-petition that generated 39,168 signatures as it looked to protect and save Mallory Park Circuit from being sold and repurposed for anything other than motorsport.

The most successful yet

The most successful motorbike e-petition ever received more than 85,000 signatures and asked for the introduction of compulsory biker related questions in UK driving theory tests.

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The most frequent request

Spending just 30 seconds browsing through the motorcycle e-petitions makes it painfully clear that riders are not happy with the current road tax situation.

Numerous e-petitions call for motorcycles to be taxed by the same criteria as cars (CO2 emissions), a move which would save riders money each year.

An e-petition that closed almost 12 months ago generated more than 17,000 signatures and asked for motorcycle road tax to be brought in line with that of cars.

The response from the Department of Transport (DfT) blames manufacturers and the European Union that has not created a standardised set of figures for CO2 emissions.

It also cites manufacturers’ reluctance to issue CO2 emission stats for each model, preventing the DfT from being able to create road tax costs based on emissions.

The history

The e-petition platform was first introduced in August 2011 and since then, almost 61,000 e-petitions have been created.

Numerous e-petitions have made it to parliament since the online system was launched.

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