2016 motorcycle recall round-up

yamaha r1 fairings controls and windshield wideIt’s not been a great start to the year for motorbikes in the UK, with recalls flooding out thick and fast.

Last week we told you about the Husqvarna and KTM recall due to front spoke issues however the recalls haven’t stopped there, with the UK’s two bestselling manufacturers also facing problems.


More than 2000 Honda GL 1800 Goldwing and GL 1800 Bagger bikes are being recalled by the Japanese manufacturer after issues were found with their brake systems.

According to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), the brake system can become blocked with deposits, resulting in rear brake drag.

And the unexpected braking and dragging caused by the blockage increases the risk of a crash, as well as generating enough heat to cause fire.

The remedial action, as outlined by the DVSA, is a recall of all affected bikes by the manufacturer. When returned their brake system will be drained with the faulty cylinders replaced.

To see whether your Honda GL 1800 is under recall, click here.

Certain Honda Goldwing subject to recalls


Yamaha is also in the middle of a recall after issues were found with the gearbox of the flagship YZF-R1 and R1M models.

Under extreme conditions, parts of the gearbox can break or deform, causing a loss of drive and increasing the risk of a collision.

624 bikes are affected by the issue with Yamaha issuing a recall to replace the transmission assembly with the addition of modified component parts.

If you believe your Yamaha YZF-R1 or R1M has been recalled, click here.


1,165 Harley-Davidson touring bikes, from the FL line-up, have been affected by a saddlebag issue and recalled by the American manufacturer.

On the DVSA website, the issue relates to a saddlebag retaining clip which may fail, causing the bags to fall off the bike and obviously cause issues for other road users as well as the rider themselves.

Harley has issued a recall and the faulty clips will be replaced.

Click here to see if your Harley-Davidson is affected by the recall.


Aprilia has issued a recall for 19 of its RSV4 RR and RF models due to issues with front brake cylinders which may result in longer braking distances than normal.

A recall has been issued and brake master cylinders will be replaced if they are faulty.

Check to see whether your Aprilia is under recall here.

Some Aprilia RSV4 are affected by a recall

What happens when my motorcycle is recalled?

If your motorbike is subject to a recall, you should be issued with a letter from the manufacturer.

The letter will outline:

• Why your bike is being recalled
• What you should do next
• Who you should contact

However you can also check to see whether your bike has been issued a recall using the DVSA website.

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