Alarming stats revealed for used motorbikes

Motorbike auction at BCA
Almost one quarter of used motorbikes, scooters and mopeds have a serious warning against them, new research has revealed.

My Car Check, a company that performs background checks on used vehicles, found that 23 per cent of all two wheelers had a serious warning for being written-off previously, having finance debt or being listed as stolen.

While only 0.63 per cent had been listed as stolen, almost 5 per cent came with finance debt and 17.76 per cent had previously been written-off.

Written-off bikes, scooters and mopeds are a risk as there is no guarantee that the repair work will last.

Roger Powell, head of My Car Check, said: “Even leaving the safety aspect aside, a previously written-off bike should cost a lot less than a like-for-like non-accident-damaged one.”

While buying a previously written-off two-wheeler is a calculated risk, there’s no doubting the pitfalls of buying a motorcycle, scooter or moped that has outstanding finance debt.

If you buy a vehicle with outstanding finance, the registered keeper is held liable for payments.

In fact, despite being the registered keeper, if the motorbike, scooter or moped has not been paid off, it remains the property of the finance company and the vehicle can be seized.

Powell said: “The crux for used buyers is this: if you buy a bike with outstanding finance it could be repossessed by the legal owner, the loan provider, leaving you out of pocket.”

That’s why My Car Check is urging riders to check the history of any second hand bike they’re interested in using their service.

Powell concluded: “For the price of a few litres of fuel we can reveal a bike’s full history, things which the seller might not know or might not want to tell you.

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