Frozen motorbike thawed after four years

Victory motorcycle at Motorcycle Live 700px slim

A Victory motorcycle that has been sat frozen in a block of ice for four years was started up last week after just an hour of tinkering in the workshop.

The V92 TC was frozen by the Ice Hotel Sweden after it bought 15 Victory models for guests to hire out when staying at the hotel.

And the hotel kept the frozen bike, exhibiting it since 2011 with a brief lay over at Sweden’s Motorcyclist Show in its first frozen year. The V92 was eventually taken outside to melt this year.

The task of thawing out the model fell to Stonetown Custom and after just an hour of tinkering in the workshop, it started up.

Niklas Frisk, from Victory Motorcycles, said: “The ‘Ice Bike’ already had a hard life before we froze it. It was originally a ‘shaker’ bike at the R&D facility at Polaris in the USA. It was on a shaker rig and did the equivalent of 300,000 km.

“After that the bike came to Sweden for technical training so that mechanics in Europe could learn how to service and repair the engine. It means the engine has probably been disassembled a couple of hundred times as well! This bike just does not want to die!”

According to the mechanics from Stonehouse, the Victory didn’t need any replacement electrical parts or spark plugs and, except for a new battery and a couple of general maintenance updates, it was as good as new.

Unfortunately, the bike is no longer road legal so what happens next is still up in the air.

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