Motorcycle helmet safety in the spotlight

The Bike Insurer logo on one of the EJC riders in Assen

Almost half of UK motorcycle riders are wearing helmets that need to be replaced, according to a survey by Carole Nash.

41 per cent of UK bikers, almost 400,000 riders based on licence figures, are wearing helmets that have been in use for more than five years.

And according to safety experts, that’s bad news because helmets should be replaced every five years.

But despite the official line from safety experts and manufacturers, over 60 per cent of riders said they would not buy a replacement lid unless they’d been in an accident.

One in five said they wouldn’t buy a new helmet if theirs looked fine while 63 per cent said they would continue to use their helmet even if they’d dropped it – something that’s a no-no according to most lid manufacturers.

Colour blind

Look and style is obviously important for motorcyclists in the UK but fashion is sometimes overshadowing safety.

Around 40 per cent of riders wear black helmets instead of brighter colours that are more visible on the road.

Buying a motorcycle helmet that fits

Earlier this year, The Bike Insurer visited Arai and spoke to one of its brand ambassadors about getting a motorcycle helmet that fits properly.

It also includes basic checks about how a lid should feel on your head when it fits properly.